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The Treatment

  • We are neither healthcare professionals nor scientists. This is our personal account on the treatment I used based on our own research.
  • The most important oil, the THC Full Extract Cannabis Oil is currently illegal in the UK
  • In our opinion, CBD Oil is not enough to treat advanced stage cancer. The entire plant, especially THC is needed to tackle tumour growth.

*Please note:

The following outlines my treatment plan specifically. We are not doctors, nor are we experts in cannabis oil production. We can not responsibly make any recommendations to you for your own treatment. We just hope that by sharing my story, we can help others find their own roads to recovery as well. Please do your own research! The endocannabinoid system is still pretty much a mystery to mainstream science, and cannabis is not a one size fits all recipe. Be sure to check out our FAQ’s page for more information on how to lookout for quality cannabis oil and avoid wasting valuable time dealing with subpar products. Please read My Story to get to understand the context this is written. 


Following 2 previous brain surgeries (one in September and one in October), I was given 10 rounds of full head radiotherapy in November 2018. I was also given one round of Immunotherapy (Pembrolizumab) in December 2018.  I began to deteriorate rapidly and my tumours grew substantially during this time. Radiotherapy was deemed unsuccessful, and I was told I was too ill to continue with immunotherapy.

I was referred to end-of-life care just before Christmas. 

I started taking the THC cannabis oil the same week I was given the bad news. Within 2 weeks, and after some research on our part, our oncologist decided I could try another form of targeted chemotherapy called Tafinilar/Mekenist. I took this medication from January 5th – February 15th 2019, but the side effects almost killed me. I then decided to stop taking the death drugs and went completely natural with Cannabis oils for the next 2 months. If you want to see the full timeline of events please see our Story Page.

Through our own research we decided I needed to ingest 1000mg THC (illegal) and 1000mg CBD per day.

The correct name for the oil we use is called FECO oil (Full Extract Cannabis Oil). This means that the entire plant is involved in the extraction process, leaving you with a rich oil filled with multiple cannabinoids including: THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, THCV etc. Although derived from the same idea as the original RSO oil discovered and made by Rick Simpson, it is processed differently, using multiple filtration steps at different points of the extraction.

There are over 113 different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, and all of them have medicinal properties.  Depending on the strain of cannabis used to make the oil and how the oil was processed, the cannabinoid percentages will vary in the final result. This is why getting third party tests on your oil is absolutely fundamental to knowing how to dose it correctly. How are you supposed to treat yourself if you don’t even know what you’re really taking?

We used two different types of FECO oil in my treatment. One being a (legal to buy) Raw CBD FECO oil from Endoca CBD. Here is a link to the product:

The second, and (in our opinion) the most important part of my treatment is an (illegal) high strength THC FECO oil we had to source illegally. We were very lucky to be put into contact with an incredible man that has been making THC FECO oil for years, has hundreds of real life testimonials and could offer third party test results showcasing exactly what was in it.

Based on our research we found that mixing raw FECO oil with a fatty carrier liquid (We chose MCT oil), boosts the bioavailability of the oil by more than 50%. Meaning a lot more cannabinoids can enter your bloodstream and get to work a lot faster. Most FECO oil comes in a raw form. Ingesting it this way can be difficult to manage, and is hard for your body to break it down the way it needs to.  This essentially wastes a lot of your oil in the digestion process.

We took the raw CBD FECO and put it into a double boiler on low heat. We mixed it 1:1 with the MCT oil, and rebottled it. I then began taking 6ml of this mixture spread out over three times each day. I took the CBD mixture 1-2 hours before I took my THC oil, as it can help level out the “high” effects from the THC and it regulates my blood pressure.

The THC FECO oil came already premixed with an MCT carrier liquid. There is 5grams of raw FECO oil (at 78% THC) in every 10ml bottle.

We figured out the math and I knew I needed to be taking 2.5ml of this everyday.

Knowing exactly what is in your oil is extremely important, I mean, how can you dose yourself if your oil is not good enough? How would you even know it is up to scratch if you do not have test results? Whether your going out on the black market to get your oil, or trying to DIY it yourselves, its very important you have the oil tested before working out your dosages. This is why we stuck with a supplier we trusted – (See below for most recent test results)

To take the oil I simply took the syringe and squirted it under my tongue, holding it for as long as possible (10-20 mins) before rinsing it down. A lot of the time the oil would send me to sleep, so I wouldn’t even end up washing it down for hours. This is called the sublingual method.  It is also said to help boost bioavailability as it can directly enter your bloodstream through the glands, allowing your body to use more of the cannabinoids before they are sent to be digested.

As I have always been a recreational user my tolerance to THC was quite high already.  We started off at a lower dose of 500mg THC FECO and 500mg CBD FECO to see how I felt for the first few days, but quickly worked my way up to the full 1000mg of each by the following week.

When I fell ill from the side effects of the targeted therapies, I was having a hard time ingesting anything, let alone the strong tasting oil. So, we decided to start taking the oil as a suppository. There are molds and recipes for how to do this online, but instead of messing around with all of that, Natalie just bit the bullet and would administer it for me with the syringe.  Let’s just say we know each other a bit too well now these days!

Once I got better I went back to taking the oil sublingually, and let Natalie get back to a life that didn’t involve looking at my bum multiple times a day.

During the two months that I was solely taking cannabis oil to treat my cancer (Feb 15th to April 20th 2019) I had an MRI and it showed my tumours had suddenly stabilized. I was feeling a lot better and was starting to get back to my old self. After conducting our own research online we suggested taking a lower dose of the Tafinilar/Mekenist to my oncologist and he agreed to let me move forward with a 75% dose to try and avoid the side effects.

I have been taking the smaller dose Tafinilar/Mekenist in conjunction with my cannabis oil routine since April 20 2019.

We also tried Dichloroacetate and High dose Vitamin C injections alongside my cannabis oil and conventional therapies for a short while. We didn’t feel either had a noticeable effect on me to warrant the cost.

As far as my diet goes, we started an alkalizing and ketogenic diet in December when I was given the end of life prognosis. I tried my best to stick with it but when I fell ill in February from the side effects of my meds, I stopped eating all together. Since recovering I have tried my best to eat a healthy and balanced diet. However, I am not restricting myself too much as gaining back some healthy weight is my main goal.

So here I am, typing away, smashing everyday and exceeding doctor’s wildest expectations. It is clear the cannabis has had an integral role in my recovery. How much exactly? It’s hard to say, but all I know for certain is if it wasn’t for Natalie’s research, stepping in and taking control of the situation, I wouldn’t be here today.  I’m so grateful that cannabis gave me a second chance at life. I only hope that through reading my story and doing your own research it can do the same for you.

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