Stuff People Often Ask Us

Following recent media coverage after my MRI result, you can probably imagine the amount of messages we get over social media, asking for help or information on how to replicate what we did. To save ourselves repeating it hundreds of times, here is quick list of our most commonly asked questions. This list is being added to as they come in, so watch this space – or simply get in touch with us and we’l be happy to help however we can. 

I took high strength THC FECO oil and high strength CBD FECO oil. I took 1000mg of each cannabinoid daily.

I took the CBD oil 1-2 hours before the THC oil, and I would repeat this process 3 times daily. I would hold it under my tongue for upwards of 20 minutes before rinsing it down. When I was really ill I took the oil as a suppository.

Whilst CBD FECO oil is now commonly sold and traded legally around the world, THC FECO oil is not. You will have to source this oil through illegal means or move to a country where it has been legalized. 

I have stage 4 melanoma metastasis of the brain. I am also BRAF positive which is a genetic mutation causing my tumours to be better adaptive to treatments, and more aggressive

You will know the oil you have is of good quality by a few key characteristics. The main one being third party test results! It doesn’t matter if this person you get it from has been making oil for years, if there is no test results to back up what they are saying, how can you ever figure out the proper percentages to take? Secondly is colour and consistency. You are looking for a rich amber colour when held to the light with little to no sediment floating in it.  The thickness of the oil will depend on if it has been mixed with a carrier liquid or not. Basically the main thing is finding somebody you can trust! You can attempt to make the oil yourself, however it is a complicated and expensive process. If you make a mistake it could cost you hundreds of dollars and impact the quality of your oil. You will still need to get this oil tested as well which is difficult enough in itself.

CBD FECO oil will not typically get you “high,” however I definitely felt something from mine every once in a while. On the other hand, THC FECO oil will definitely get you high at least the first few times, but don’t worry! If you find yourself stoned off your oil, you will most likely just feel relaxed, hungry, and sleepy (which is a fair trade off for some of the side effects I was experiencing from my other medication!). If you feel a bit woozy from your oil, that is something different. This is what a lot of people refer to as a “whitey” or “greening out.” This is actually the THC causing a drop in your blood pressure, causing the person to feel nauseous and faint.  If you increase your water intake, lower your THC intake and take the CBD FECO 1-2 hours before taking the THC it will prevent this from happening.

It really depends. For some people they notice an immediate reduction in pain levels, and increase in appetite, but not for everybody. It can take a few weeks to notice any effects at all.  The oil works alongside your endocannabinoid system helping to restore your body’s inner balance and heal itself from the inside. It doesn’t work like a paracetamol or opioid that masks a symptom, it’s actually meant to repair your cells naturally.  For more information on the endocannabinoid system click here: https://www.healthline.com/health/endocannabinoid-system-2

Do you think I would be making all this effort if I didn’t? As a recreational user from my teenage years, I have always held a pro cannabis stance when it comes to healthcare, and politics. But, when we started this journey I wasn’t so sure it would work for me, and I didn’t know what to expect. At first I wasn’t expecting much, but as I started to get better it started getting harder to ignore. I knew something positive was happening inside me but I didn’t know how positive until we saw the MRI. After that, there was no denying it. Our oncologist said he never would have expected to see results like this from the Tafinilar/ Mekenist alone. It’s not just myself that believes in it, it’s now everybody around me; my family (some even coming from a conservative background), my friends, nurses and doctors, and hundreds of people that have been following my story from the beginning. It’s not the miracle drug that everybody is making it out to be. That’s because it’s not a miracle. It’s actually science, and I think we are only at the tip of the iceberg on our quest to know the full extent of this incredible plant’s capabilities. 

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