A full, in-depth, no BS account of my battle against cancer, using cannabis oil, the NHS and my amazing girlfriend

*Without the sensationalist tabloid approach.

Hi, I’m George. Recently I was in the media for managing to clear 12+ malignant melanoma metastasis from my brain with the help of full extract cannabis oil.  As this is still a very taboo topic across the UK and most of the world, we hope that by telling my story we can end the stigma, and help others – like me – who have been told there is no hope left.  We are not doctor’s nor are we scientists. I’m just an every day, average guy that happened to overcome all odds with the help of his very determined girlfriend, a mixture of the NHS and A LOT of cannabis.

Following an appearance in the media, we have received a crazy number of messages from people all over the world asking for advice. The media have tried to sensationalize this story into whatever will sell the most headlines, and people are getting the wrong information.  So, here we are to set the records straight once and for all.  We have summarized the entire story and treatment plan here, in the hopes that it can help those who needs it most. 

This is just the start...

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